Do Your Employees Need to Access Medical Facilities?

We've got you covered with
1-Click Vendor Credentialing Screenings

  • A true one-stop shop for vendor credentialing needs including titer testing, immunizations, N95 mask fittings, TB testing, drug screens and physical exams
  • Our team will schedule your staff within our vast national network of over 3,000 medical clinics, 9,500 vaccine enabled pharmacy locations and 4,500 laboratories
  • Never worry about chasing down medical records from labs or clinics again. Our team provides industry best turnaround times of complete and accurate medical results
  • Track all your screening requests in real time and monitor employee compliance requirements like annual TB testing, in our platform Pod

  • Direct follow-up with your employees in the case of low titers, positive TB and to complete additional vaccine doses
  • Live customer service team and account managers to assist with your program and support your staff

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NMS has locations in all 50 states with over 3,000 occupational health clinics, 4,500 laboratory collection sites and 9,500 vaccine enabled pharmacy locations.

A full menu of screenings to choose from

A full menu of credentialing services to choose from including; titers, vaccines, immunizations TB testing, drug screens and more. With coast to coast coverage, your HCIR employees are covered and screened with all of the necessary vendor credentialing tests.

  • Titer Testing: MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), Varicella (Chicken Pox), Hepatitis (A,B and C)
  • Tuberculosis Testing: IGRA (QuantiFERON Gold Plus Blood Test), PPD Skin Test, Chest X-Rays
  • Vaccine / Immunization Administration: Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella, TDaP, Flu and more
  • Drug Screnings: Urine, Hair, Expanded Panels (Oxycodones, MDMA) and Custom Panels
  • Respirator Fit Testing: N95 Masks

TB Testing (IGRA + PPD)

Vaccines & Vaccine Management

Titer Testing - MMR, Varicella, Hep B and more

Drug Screens + MRO Services

End to end management for all credentialing healthcare screenings!

Eliminate scheduling, clinic recruitment, medical record retrieval and follow-up

  • Scheduling and Coordination: Scheduling and coordination of titers, vaccines, drug screens and other services are arranged for your employees by our professional and courteous staff
  • Record Retrieval: Industry best turnaround times of complete and accurate medical records delivered digitally directly to you
  • Medical Review: Medical Review of lab results and records by medical professionals for vaccine and TB follow-up
  • Record Storage Management: Record Storage Management of employee medical exams and testing that will be available to you anytime upon request
  • Streamlined Billing: Streamlined Billing for all requested services on one bill or split based on your preference for different departments
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NMS Health manages Credentialing programs for all types of companies. Whether your company is involved in healthcare staffing, pharmaceuticals or medical devices; we've got you covered with a national solution for vaccines, titer testing, exams, and TB testing!

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Did you know over 90% of healthcare facilities have some type of vendor credentialing requirement for access?

Source: American Hospital Association