OSHA Medical Surveillance

Complete management of OSHA Medical Surveillance programs for employers includes ongoing employee medical oversight, rigorous review of medical screenings, full OSHA compliance, standardized medical protocols, medical record retention and more.

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Employers Choose NMS to Manage their OHSA Medical Surveillance

Employers Choose NMS to Manage Their OSHA Medical Surveillance

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Standardized Compliance of OSHA Medical Surveillance

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NMS's management of OSHA Medical Surveillance features two different concepts: Surveillance and Periodic Examinations.

Surveillance is an on-going observation of employee health with the purpose of prevention of illness or injury. This is carried out with identification of health abnormalities caused by job site exposures and risks. Surveillance aims at creating snapshots (through examinations) of an employee's health on a periodic basis to be used for a comparative basis to previous exams. Surveillance has a preventative focus.

Periodic Examinations are performed at a clinical site and involve medical procedures (e.g. physical examinations, biological screenings, medical history) that are used to assess possible illnesses or abnormalities. Examinations are typically performed on a yearly basis as part of an ongoing Medical Surveillance program. Employees are provided with written documentation of the findings.

NMS's OSHA Medical Surveillance Includes:

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