Maritime Medical Exams

With your seafarers more than 48-hours away from urgent care treatment, having a healthy crew is essential. That's why employers choose NMS to manage their Maritime Medical Surveillance.

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NMS Saves your Company Money, and Keeps your Employees Healthy

Your maritime company has seafarers that are more than 48-hours away from urgent care treatment. Imagine them getting hurt because of an old back or knee injury that was missed on their physical exam - your company is stuck with the bill. Now imagine them working with undiagnosed diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Injuries at sea result in the need to reroute the entire vessel. Life threatening injuries result in the need to airlift an employee. In the event of death, the payouts could range in the millions. Don't fool around with a subpar medical surveillance program. That's why employers choose NMS to manage their Maritime Medical Surveillance.

Why you should choose NMS

Your Maritime Medical Surveillance program will be fully managed and requires little-to-none client involvement once you issue a request. Every program is fully customized to fit your company's needs. Your medical protocols are set up like widgets which we call standardization. With standardization, the same exam is performed every single time (no variance) from port-to-port.

With 2,500 clinics to choose from across North America, your employees will always have a clinic in their backyard to complete their medical examination. With flat National fees you will have the ability to predict your medical surveillance budget with 99% accuracy.

All administrative and medical aspects of your program are managed by NMS including scheduling, lab analysis, medical review, compliancy and more. A full service maritime health provider means you never have to split up your medical surveillance program with other vendors.

Your employees medical charts are reviewed by our in-house medical "Clearing House" to assure that they meet compliancy requirements and are physically able to do their jobs.

So choose NMS not only keep your employees physically healthy, but to keep your company fiscally healthy.

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