Full list of occupational health services at a glance

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Physical Exams


Hearing test that assesses how well a person can perceive different sound frequencies
Cardiac Stress Test
Test performed to assess arterial blood flow during physical exercise compared to arterial blood flow while the body is at rest.
Chest X-Ray
X-Ray of chest used diagnose problems with lungs or heart.
Evaluation of the electrical activity that controls the rhythm of a persons heartbeat. A electrocardiogram may reveal: an enlarged heart evidence of insufficient blood flow to the heart an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).
X-ray of chest to detect breast cancer and other cysts.
MRO Services
OSHA Medical History Questionnaire
Mandatory medical history questionnaire required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.
Pulmonary Function Test
Group of procedures that measures the function of the lungs. Evaluation can be used to determine if an individual has a lung disease. Spirometry is the most common type of Pulmonary Function Test.
Respirator Fit Test
Test for individuals who are required to wear a respirator on the job. Test is to determine if an individual is physically fit to wear respirator and that individual is properly using the respirator.
Tuberculosis / Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) Mantoux Test
Procedure that tests for the presence of Tuberculosis.

Lab (Blood and Urine Analysis)

Blood Chemistry
Blood analysis with Lipid Profile
Blood Mercury
Blood Type & RH Factor
Complete Blood Count
Assessment that reveals information about a persons red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Low or high blood counts could be indicators of diseases or other abnormalities.
Female Pap
Test the checks for changes in the cells of the cervix. A PAP test may detect the early indicators of cervical cancer and will reveal infections.
Hemmocult Slides
Test that detects hidden blood in stool samples; an early warning of colorectal cancer.
Hepatitis A, B, C Antibody
Test for Hepatitis antibodies
Measles Titer
Evaluation of the concentration of measles antibodies in the blood.
Mumps Titer
Analysis of the concentration of mumps antibodies in the blood.
Prostate Specific Antigen
Test that assesses the amount of prostate specific antigen in the blood. Higher values of PSA are early indicators of prostate cancer
Rubella Titer
Evaluation of the concentration of rubella antibodies in the blood.
RPR Blood test
A screening test for syphilis
Thyroid Function Tests
Evaluation to determine if the thyroid gland is performing normally. An overactive or underactive thyroid gland is a potential indicator of metabolic abnormalities or cancer.
Varicella Titer
Analysis of the concentration of varicella antibodies in the blood.
A screening test for syphilis that measures the concentration of antibodies in the blood.
Test that analyzes urine chemistry to determine overall health and possible abnormalities.

Vaccine Administration

Vision Screening

Substance Abuse Testing

Urine Drug Screen

Cocaine Metabolites
Marijuana Metabolites
5-panel drug screen +
8-panel + ethanol (alcohol)
8 panel drug screen +

Hair Drug Screen

Breath Alcohol Test

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