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Employee physicals and exams across the entire US, for all industries and needs including OSHA Medical Surveillance, Baseline Exams, and Annual & Periodic Exams

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Employers Choose NMS to Manage Their Employee Exams

NMS manages the entire employee physical exam program for employers from end to end and involves little-to-none client involvement after a request is created. NMS's team of employee health experts creates standardized medical protocols and performs all medical review in compliance with appropriate regulatory agencies and job requirements.

Why Employee Physicals?

Employee Physicals ensure that your employees are capable of medically and physically performing their required job duties. With NMS, employees who undergo physical exams are more productive and less likely to miss work because of injury or illness. Healthy employees means reduced liability and Worker Comp payouts.

NMS's National Provider Network of over 2,000 clinics has locations in every major metropolitan area throughout the United States and Canada. Employees can conveniently perform physicals at a neighborhood clinic anywhere in North America.

NMS's Employee Physical Exam Program Includes:

Pre-Employment Physicals establish if your candidates are able to perform their required job duties. As per the client's medical standards, NMS assesses each employee's fit-for-duty status before beginning their respective position.

OSHA Medical Surveillance assesses if employees meet the physical and medical requirements established by OSHA. Surveillance includes chemical exposures, hearing conservation, periodic checks and more. As per OSHA Standards, NMS assesses each employee as part of an ongoing physical exam process known as medical surveillance.

Maritime Medical Surveillance asseses if employees meet the physical and medical requirements to work at sea. Various agencies are involved in compliancy including the US Coast Guard, ILO, IMO in addition to internal standards created by the client organization. As per the medical standards, NMS determines if each seafarer is fit-for-duty or fit-for-sea designation.

Baseline Physical Exams & Annual Physical Exams assesses the physical health of employees on a periodic basis as part of an ongoing surveillance process . As per the client's medical standards, NMS examines each employee and uses prior exams as a comparison for health monitoring.

DOT Exams assess if employees meet the physical and medical requirements established by the DOT. As per DOT standards, NMS assigns each employee with a fit-for-duty designation which is valid for 24 months unless otherwise indicated by a medical examiner.

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