WorkFit - Using and Understanding

WorkFit is a simple Fit for Duty status for your employees that will provide easy to use views and data to quickly understand if your employees are able to perform their required job duties. It also provides if employees are compliant with their Fit for Duty program by providing expiration dates.

There are three WorkFit statuses that drive the entire Fit for Duty process: Fit, Unfit and Expired.

What do the statuses mean?


Fit status

The employee or candidate is physically able to perform their required job duties. A compliance expiration date is set in pod. Most expiration dates are set to a year unless noted on the year i.e. DOT Exam and a 2-year medical clearance.


Unfit status

The employee or candidate is medically unable to perform their required job duties. In most cases, this status is temporary and requires the person to follow-up with their own personal physician to obtain a clearance or note.


Expired status

The employee is outside the WorkFit compliance period and requires a new exam. This expired status can change once a new request is created, and the employee completes the screening that satisfies the compliance requirements.


Pending status

A pending status means the employee or candidate is currently going through the screening process, therefore a WorkFit status has not yet been assigned.

Where can I check an employee’s WorkFit status?

WorkFit statuses can be found inside the employee’s profile. To search for an employee profile, please go to Using the Employee Search Bar

Employee Profile within pod showing the employee's WorkFit status.

The information can be found through the employee summary section as seen below:

Close-up of Employee Profile summary showing WorkFit status.

WorkFit Details

To see the full details of the employee’s status, click the WorkFit button. You’ll be able to view the entire list of procedures that are included in the employee’s Risk Profile, the expiration date. If the employee is unfit, you’ll be able to view the procedure that is outside of normal limits.

Details of a Fit WorkFit status 

Details of an Unfit WorkFit status 

Details of an Expired WorkFit status

WorkFit is for employers whose employee population participates in Fit for Duty programs such as OSHA Medical Surveillance, Maritime Medical Surveillance including USCG exams, DOT exams or any program that requires specific periodic medical compliance.

WorkFit Export

Administration Feature for WorkFit

Administrators can set each pod users access to WorkFit.

Screenshot of the admin feature section that allows you to enable or disable WorkFit access.


The user will have no access to view employees WorkFit status or service details section.

Status Only:

The user will have access to view employees WorkFit status but will have no access to view the service details section.


The user will have full access to view employees WorkFit status and service details section.