Pod 2.55 - July 22, 2019 - Administration, Screen Permissions

We're pleased to announce our latest release of pod version 2.55.

Pod 2.55 unlocks administration and screen permissions. You may have noticed that the administration screen has been grayed out since pod version 1. With version 2.55, we are excited to roll out administration rights to our pod users.

Take Control

Take control of your pod user population by giving the appropriate users administrative capabilities and the ability to set screen permissions and notifications rights. Simply choose the appropriate user whose rights you want to update and make the adjustments as needed.

Full Admin Access

Once inside the administration tool, you have full ability to make adjustments to your team's pod access and permisisons. Full admin access gives you the ability to restrict screen access as needed.

Notification Settings

Update your team member notification settings to receive any and all email update notifications. Simply check or uncheck the box for the appropriate notification that you wish to turn on and off.

Screen Permissions

Update team member screen permissions for the appropriate screens as needed. Screen permission options include:

  • Full Access - This provides full read and edit access to the screen
  • Read Only - This provide read only access. Users with read only access are able to access the screen but not able to make updates or edit data
  • No Access - This fully restricts the user from accessing the page