Pod v1.0 - March 15, 2019 - Dashboards, Compliance Tracking, Improved Search

We're pleased to announce our release and launch of pod!

Version 1.0 contains significant upgrades. The launch of pod also means the end of the HealthDepot lifecycle which has been our flagship platform since 2009.

Release 1.0 of pod focuses on providing employers with a better, more holistic view of our occupational screening process. Internally, as a team, we process screenings by progressing candidates and employees through a series of workflows to ensure prompt processing and compliance. Our release of pod version 1.0 puts that informatio front and center.

What's new

Dashboards, Active Exam View and other data visualizations

Dashboards are the biggest upgrade in version 1.0. Pod users will have the ability to drill down and see specific employee statuses for all open cases/exams for their entire program. Employee statuses are broken down into the following categories:

pod screening statuses

  • Awaiting Registration - A request has been entered for your employee. We are currently awaiting for them to complete our registration form and provide availabilities
  • To be scheduled - The employee has provided availabilties and they are in the process of being scheduled at a local occupational health facility or laboratory
  • Upcoming Exam - The employee has been scheduled for their screening for a future date
  • Obtaining Results - The employee has visited the clinic or laboratory site and we are currently obtaining the results from their visit
  • In Review - Results have been gathered and compiled and we are currently reviewing to complete the file and issue clearance.

All active services dashboard

An example dashboard which contains the raw numbers of all active services displayed via piechart

Attention Needed dashboard

The Attention Needed dashboard displays open exams that require attention or intenvention from the employer. They provide data related to employees who have no-showed visits, are due for vaccines (as part of a vaccine series program - if applicable) and have expiring compliance due dates

Today's Appointments dashboard

Dashboard view of all of the day's scheduled appointments.

Improved Employee Search

Search has been improved. A convenient search bar is now displayed on every single page in the header/navigation of pod. Users have the ability to search by first name, last name and email address

Compliance Tracking

Another major improvement is the display and tracking of compliance monitoring and due dates across all screenings. In the beginning of 2019, we made a very large infrastructure improvement that allowed our team to create and track procedures statuses and due dates at the invididual procedure level. In other words, we can now apply different due dates to custom procedure statuses and those custom due dates can standardized at a client level depending. With that being said, pod can be a tool for employers if they require custom tracking for their specific needs. This tool was designed specifically for credentialing and OSHA compliance. Credentialing compliance fomr facility to facility has many rules and requirements when it comes to due dates and we are not able to offer this tracking to pod users.

Tracking Icons

Green signifies in compliance; Amber signifies approaching compliance due date; Red signifies our of compliance

Screenshot of the compliance tracking tool. In this particular screenshot, employees are marked with a red icon and are therefore out of compliance

Employee Rosters

As part of our initiative to give more control and autonomy to employers, we are providing a roster management tool. We have a major upgrade for this tool in our second release of pod which is planned for this May. In the meantime, users now have the ability to view their full roster.

Employee Profiles and Improved Exam Details

Exam profiles are more robust and detailed. You can now view the exact status of where a candidate or employee is in the screening process. We also have created a timeline bar to show you how the employee is progressing through the screening process.

Quick Actions toolbar

Another add-on is the quick actions toolbar which allows you access to quick set of actions. Through the quick actions toolbar you can now:

  • Request Services directly for that employee/candidate
  • Request an update from our Client Services team
  • Download Clearances - you can now download a clearance directly from pod.

Serice Activity Timline

You can now view of all of the activity for a particular employee through a timline view and the timing of how they progressed through the screening process.