Employee Roster

With our employee roster feature, you are able to see a list of all of employees' that are currently active within pod!Roster Capture


Green Wheel 

The green wheel icon allows you to select between two options:

New Request: This will take you to the requests page and allows you to create a new service request for a specific employee.

Edit Employee: This will open up a field that allows you to edit any employee information, or upload any of their documentation.


The glasses icon allows you to quickly get re-directed to that specific employees profile page. Once you are at the employee profile page you will get a detailed view on the employees service status, their unique tags, what clinic their screenings are taking place at, and much more!

Check mark

The purple check mark icon indicates that the employee is currently still active within pod. This means the employee either has a request initiated, is in the process of being scheduled, the exam has been scheduled, medical records are in review, or they currently have any open or deferred exam statuses.

Export Roster Tool -Your full employee roster is easily accessible and downloadable.

in the employee roster section you have an option to export and download your full roster. Once you click the export roster button at the top of the page, it will immediately begin to export your data into an excel file. Once this file is opened, you will find all of your employees information now conveniently organized for you. In this export you will find helpful information such as when initial contacts were made with the employee, their start date, and much more.

Create custom fields that will appear in your exported excel spreadsheet.

Do you have specific company data that helps you organize your employees that you want to include in your exported roster? You have the ability to manage your custom fields, so this data can be easily added! You can add up to two more custom fields. Some examples of our clients custom fields include employee ID numbers, or company branch locations.