December Updates

We're excited to announce three new updates to pod!

We created these updates with your needs in mind, and we are very excited to continue to release features and updates that make your lives easier.

Below you will find a breakdown for each new pod update. 

1. 'Expanded Service Details'


Details regarding which screenings or services were ordered for each employee or candidate can now be found in the ‘Service Details’ section in pod.

2. 'Rush Scheduling'


In a crunch to get a screening completed for an employee or candidate? No problem!

You will now have the ability to select 'Rush Scheduling' with your requests. The NMS scheduling team will reach out to the individual immediately and get them scheduled as soon as possible.

Your company will have the ability to rush 5 requests per month for an additional processing fee. We do have plans to increase this number in the future.

Note: The 'Rush Scheduling' feature is solely for rushing scheduling. This does not include expedited lab or exam results.

3. 'No Show Statuses'



When the NMS team is notified that an employee or candidate did not show for their scheduled appointment, a ‘no show’ status will be assigned to them. This will give your team an even more detailed glimpse into what's going on behind the scenes with our scheduling team.

This status will now be displayed in pod with additional context, e.g. ‘No Show’- (Attempting to Reschedule, Canceled Appointment, Out of Country, Retired, Terminated or Other).

You can find this updated ‘No Show’ status in an employee or candidate's employee profile, as well as in their service details section in pod.