Pod Dashboard

pod's informative dashboard was created to give your team complete insight into all of your service requests!



View the number of appointments that are scheduled for that specific calendar day. If the appointment is not scheduled for that calendar day, you can find the service under active services. Click the view more button to get a more detailed view on each employee that is scheduled for upcoming services to be completed.

Cleared Services

See how many of your employees services have been reviewed, and finalized by our medical admin staff at NMS Health. Check the cleared services tabs to see your employees results. Click the view more button, and you will get a detailed view on each employee and the services that were completed.

Special Follow Up

Check which services require additional attention and review based on exam results. Some examples of services that fall into this follow up category could be; an employee that is in MRO review, low titer results, or a positive TB test. Click the view more button to see what specific service requires attention.

Active Services

Check on your employee screening statuses in real time

Active Services

The active services section on the dashboard show you all of your current open, and active service requests. In the active services view, your team gets insight into the employees scheduled service date, the protocol they are receiving, their official scheduled start date, when the service was requested, the company name they were requested under, and the percentage and/or stage that the employee is currently at in their screening process.

For a more detailed and broken down view of all service information for a specific employee, you can click on the binoculars to the left of the service date. Once you click on these binoculars, you will be fast tracked to the service info tab which is within your employee roster.