Custom Fields

Creating custom fields in pod allows you to organize and track data that is specific to your company!


Creating Freeform Fields in pod
Freeform Fields Icon

Creating freeform fields allow you to customize your data in a way that is the most beneficial and useful for your company. A freeform field allows you to organize your employees by unique data points. There are three field type options to choose from when creating a custom field. These three options are date, text, or numbers. Each freeform field allows you to input one value only, per employee.

Creating Lists and Dropdowns in pod

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Creating lists & dropdowns allow you to customize and organize your uniquedata containing multiple data points. When creating a dropdown list, you are able to easily select which data point your employee specifically falls under. If you need to select multiple values for an employee, you can choose 'multi-select' which allows you to select multiple data points for that specific employee. Lists & dropdowns allow you to standardize a list of values that can be used over and over, e.g. department titles, managers, project locations, etc...

Laptop-Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to your service request page, automatically added to your employee profiles, and are available in your exported excel spreadsheets!