National Medical Systems Unveils New Logo

Hamilton, NJ - December 2, 2008 -

National Medical Systems, an occupational health provider, has unveiled their new corporate logo. The new logo, which replaces the original logo that has been in use since 1994, has been updated with a fresh, modern design.

The design of the new logo was created with the goal of communicating simplicity and ease. With some of the fears and frustrations of interpreting OSHA regulations and managing corporate health for an organization, the logo was selected because it communicates a sense of calmness, and invites others to explore the company for occupational health solutions and services.

“Some corporate managers and directors could find OSHA and the pre- employment process a bit intimidating, so we chose this logo because it represents a down-to-earth quality that we hope our audience will find inviting,” said CEO William Palmieri.

The new logo still features the three figures, as seen in the old logo, which represents service, solutions, and specialization, but now has lowercase lettering instead of all uppercase. Additionally, the box that surrounded the entire logo has been removed.

The new logo could be seen on the National Medical Systems website


The Previous NMS logo from 1994-2008

2008 - Present

The New NMS Logo, 2008-Present