National Medical Systems launches Pod

National Medical Systems, a leading national administrator of occupational and corporate health screenings, released their new employee tracking and medical screening platform pod (also known as HealthPod) on Monday March 18, 2019

Pod was created with the goal of giving employers complete oversight of their entire medical testing environment through visual dashboards, employee timelines and other data points.

Additionally, pod also gives employers the ability to manage compliance and compliance due date tracking to ensure employees are keeping to OSHA requirements, credentialing requirements and other similar occupational health needs. The compliance tracking tool was built specifically for employees who require OSHA and credentialing oversight in conjunction with medical testing and surveillance.

Pod replaces NMS's former flagship platform the NMS HealthDepot which was launched in 2009.

Pod, which offers realtime tracking of candidate and employee medical screenings, continues to offer an ordering screen (known as the request services tool) for standardized testing.