National Medical Systems Announces New Division, National Maritime Systems

Hamilton, NJ - January 27, 2009 - National Medical Systems, an occupational health provider, has created a new division known as National Maritime Systems. National Maritime Systems was created in response to the continued growth in maritime operations. The division will specialize in coordinating & managing maritime occupational health services & solutions such as comprehensive physical exams. Other medical procedures include drug & alcohol screens, Pulmonary Function Tests, Chest X-rays, blood & urine analysis, vision & hearing tests, vaccinations, and Electrocardiograms.

The main focus of the new division will be to assess employees to see if they are medically fit for sea. The benefit of the National Maritime Systems program for the maritime industry is twofold as it will assist in hiring healthy employees, thus increasing productivity; and will defer those are who are not fit for duty because of preexistent medical conditions. Employees who are hired but not examined, and thus not deemed ‘fit for duty’ by National Maritime Systems, have a higher probability falling ill or becoming injured.

Injuries or illness at sea can cost a company thousands of dollars in on-board emergency care; the airlifting of a crew member; or the increased liability costs in the unfortunate event of death. The Jones Act and various other regulations mandate strict guidelines for what they deem an employee’s health should be before they begin work at sea.

National Maritime Systems will specialize in ensuring that all new hires are medically fit before they begin to work by interpreting and executing these various regulations. “Life at sea is an ‘all or nothing’ proposition: you can either perform the essential job functions or you cannot. Therefore, our purpose is to assure that all crew undergo a medical examination to determine 'fit for duty' status as authorized by the Jones Act and other maritime regulations,” stated National Medical Systems CEO William Palmieri.

National Maritime Systems will specialize in providing a full manage- ment process for maritime organizations. The process will include appointment scheduling, transit of supplies to the facility, following up with the medical facility, medical review of results by the corporate medical director, and reporting of results directly to the maritime organization.