National Medical Systems Unveils Revamped, Redesigned CustomCare Engine

Hamilton, NJ - February 23, 2008- National Medical Systems, an occupational health provider, has unveiled their new, redesigned CustomCare engine. The CustomCare engine which is built into the National Medical Systems website, is a free survey-based web tool used to assist potential new clients who are interested in services and want to customize specific occu- pational health protocols or programs.

With the CustomCare engine, potential new clients complete a brief survey designed for two types of people in mind The first type is for individuals who know what type of program they need for their company. This survey is designed for people who want customized services based on their needs. The second type is for people who are unsure of what type of services they require and simply want to have a program customized for them. The second survey is a shortened version of the first.

Upon the completion of a CustomCare entry, survey data is sent back to representatives at nms, and a program is constructed. The data includes information such as job description, industry, services desired, and location. The completed CustomCare program will include protocols and competitive fees. The program will also show clinics close in proximity that are part of the nms provider network. Additionally, CustomCare program will offer specifically recommended procedures based on industry and employee job type that can be added “a la carte” to give managers and directors the ability to add more customization.

“The goal of CustomCare is to give Medical, Safety and Human Resources departments the ability of one-stop shopping. The occupational health industry has become fragmented. Corporations are being forced to use several different vendors for similar services. CustomCare serves as a medium to bridge that gap and provide potential new clients what they need all in one place,” said CEO William Palmieri. A finished CustomCare program will be delivered via e-mail as a PDF. The PDF will contain the customized program along with explanations for each item. For example, if an electrocardiogram is recommended as part of a pro- tocol, it will be accompanied with a brief summary explaining what an electro- cardiogram’s purpose is, and why it is recommended as part of a program. Prices will also be listed that are specific to the program.

Besides offering pre-employment medical services such as physical ex- ams and drug screens, CustomCare can be used for on-site health screenings (local only), and background checks. CustomCare can be accessed by going to the National Medical Systems website, and clicking the CustomCare link on the top toolbar.