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Our Employee Tracking System for all of your occupational health needs

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The Health Depot - The NMS Employee Tracking System - Collateral

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The NMS Health Depot
One Stop Shopping for all of your Occupational Health Needs

what is the health depot?

Introducing for 2009, the nms health depot. The health depot is a secure online forum where clients of national medical systems can access their own online database. The online database is a medium for accessing results, ordering procedures, and obtaining documents.

Accessing Results

Login to the health depot to obtain results for drug screens, physicals, and other services. Results are in real time, so when we know you’ll know! You will receive an automatic update by email with any changes made, so that you won’t have to constantly refresh your browser.

Check Status

Check the status of procedures for your employees by tracking their progress through the health depot from beginning to end.

Ordering Procedures

Need to order procedures? Through the health depot, choose the procedure you require, enter in employee information and let nms do the rest.

Obtaining Documents

Need hard copies for employee records? Download employee files in a PDF format from the health depot.

Order procedures right from the web and submit to nms for immediate processing.

Order Employee Physicals right from the Web

Check the status of pending procedures, and get results for completed exams.

Check Employee Status