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Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

Drug Testing for Expanded Opiates (oxymorphone, oxycodone)

Ever since drug testing became a tool that employers used to screen their new hires, we have seen new trends in drug use. 30 years ago hallucinogens likes LSD and PCP were popular amongst illicit drug users.

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation

In working environments today, it is an employer’s duty to make sure his or her employees are physically healthy and able to complete work related tasks with no health related risk. This is where a functional capacity evaluation comes in to play. This exam reliably measures the functional and physical ability of a person to perform work related tasks...

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

Winter and Its Workers - Keeping Warm in the Winter Months

When winter rolls around the corner, we begin to prepare for the brutally cold temperatures that lie ahead of us. Everyone dreads it. Those who have to work in these freezing temperatures are no exception. Employees who are required to be outside for long periods of time, in areas of poor insulation or without heat have a high chance of being exposed to some sort of cold stress while on the job...

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

It's Employee Flu Shot Time! How to Gear Up Your Office for the Flu.

Influenza, or more commonly known as the flu, has had its daunting grips on America and the World since 1918. In 1918, the influenza epidemic first occurred and took approximately 50-100 million lives. Naturally, as time has progressed, medical advances have lead us to trustworthy and effective vaccines that have trumped over these Influenza threats, leaving us healthy and strong to live our lives as we please.

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

Flu Season Checklist: What You Can Do To Prevent The Flu

It is that time of the year again. Flu season is coming around the corner and is getting ready to knock on your door. Isn’t it suck a shame that this pesky guest does not understand how completely unwelcomed it is? Unfortunately, the Flu makes sure that its presence is known, however, it is time for us to make sure it realizes how unwanted it actually is! Follow this checklist and you are on your way to a Flu free year.

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

Absenteeism vs Presenteeism: Which Costs More to Employers?

To all employers, listen up! Whether you know it or not, there are factors that contribute to the success of your company that are riding on the very health of your employees. In fact, according to the CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey from 2007, when employees call in sick (absenteeism) it costs large employers $764,000 annually! That is a big number. However, what seems to be causing a bit of a storm in the workplace is the idea of presenteeism, which can be described as being present at work but not being productive due to health reasons as acute as the common cold or as chronic as heart disease. So let’s take a better look how absenteeism and presenteeism really affect the workplace, and what employers can do to make this decrease and make their employees happy and excited to come to work.

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

The Role of the MRO (Medical Review Officer)

In the field of occupational health, Medical Review Officers, also known as an MRO, are extremely important throughout the employee drug screening process. The MRO is a licensed physician who works directly with the laboratory and employer step-by-step ensuring that the data and results gathered by the drug screen are thoroughly examined and addressed. MROs can easily be understood and described as the glue that holds all of these important pieces of information together.

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

What is an Audiogram? Hearing Conservation for your Employees

There are many people in the United States and throughout the world who have jobs that put constant strain on their hearing. These noisy working environments can damage small cells in our ears called hair cells which are sensors that retain sound and send that message or signal to our brain. When these hair cells are damaged, they do not grow back like the hair on our head. Therefore, they need to be protected!

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

What is Medical Surveillance?

In today’s working world we have new advances in health and medicine that help us keep our employees strong and healthy. However, it is up to you, the employer, to make sure that the necessary steps are being taken to ensure full health for your employees, especially those who work in dangerous and hazardous work environments. This is where medical surveillance comes into play. Medical surveillance allows you to have snapshots in time of your employee’s health throughout the years they have worked for you.

Hepatitis A: The other liver infection

Group Makes New Recommendations on PSA Monitoring

In the article, “10 Years to Live? Get the PSA Test for Prostate Cancer,” many interesting points are brought to attention on the topic of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Men begin getting their PSA tested between the ages of 40-45. The articles main point however, is to determine when an appropriate time to testing your PSA. The article discussed a study that has been taking place, on whether or not treating prostate cancer is a benefit or if it will actually shorten the life expectancy of men who are at a life expectancy of ten years of less.

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