What is the Health Depot? Our Employee Tracking System for all of your Occupational & Corporate Health Needs! It gives users the ability to track results of services, request procedures, and access employee roster information Watch the Demo for more info.

Video Transcript

Welcome to the Health Depot. One Stop Shopping for all of your Occupational Health Needs.

What is the Health Depot? The Health Depot is an online full-service network for obtaining medical results, requesting services, downloading medical records, and printing documents. It functions as a two-way communication between you and National Medical Systems.

The Health Depot is setup to deliver key status updates on the important stages of the exam process. Whenever certain stages are completed, messages are sent to your Health Depot account in real-time. This means you can check on employee status throughout the entirety of the pre-employment process. From the moment a request is received, until the medical results are finalized, you will have full visibility of every stage of the process. All data results are updated in real-time, so when we know, you know!

Don't feel like refreshing your browser constantly? Important status updates are emailed directly into your inbox.

Corporate and Occupational Healthcare at your fingertips: Make requests using a quick prompt. Query and search your employee roster. Print administrative documents for your own records. And Employee Profiles: Each employee has their own profile page so you can access detailed data and results.

But best of all, the Health Depot gives you access to digital medical records. NMS has developed a one-of-a-kind encrypted viewer, more secure than PDFs, for the disclosure of medical documents, so that you, and only you will be able to view them.

Who is it for? Everybody! If you are involved in managing employee drug screens, pre-employment or annual physicals, or any type of corporate or occupational healthcare service, the Health Depot is for you.

This all for a very affordable price of zero dollars and zero cents (excludes cost of actual medical services).

Go to Health Depot to learn more.

Whatever your need, NMS is your solution.