Health Depot Access
Our Employee Tracking System for all of your occupational health needs

The Health Depot

The NMS Employee Tracking System
The Health Depot. The NMS Employee Tracking Systems

Health Depot Features

News Feed
  • Track the status of your employees in a real-time news feed as we complete key phases of the exam process
  • View when we contacted your employees, scheduled them for services, finalized results and much more.
  • With the News Feed, you are in-and-out and continuing with your day-to-day activities.
Request Services
  • Request Medical Services with our quick prompt. Requests can be created in less than 60 seconds!
  • All requests are forwarded to an NMS representative for immediate processing.
  • Customize protocol names, enter cost-center numbers - standardize your submission process and remove administration!
Employee Profiles
  • View individual profile pages for each employee that contain detailed information compiled into one organized spot.
  • Check the status log to see when updates took place.
  • Retrieve final results designation, exam dates, and previous exams
  • Email alerts along with attached reports are sent when important updates are entered about your employees

What is the Health Depot? Our Employee Tracking System for all of your Occupational & Corporate Health Needs! It gives users the ability to track results of services, request procedures, and access employee roster information Watch the Demo for more info.

Full Video Transcript

The Health Depot is an online network for obtaining medical results and digital medical records for employee health services. Do you have employees who are required to complete medical services such as physical exams or urine drug screens? The Health Depot is your digital hub for tracking this. Log in and access employee results, track their progress from the moment we receive a request, until the medical results are finalized, and download digital medical records (if applicable). The Health Depot gives you full visibility through the entire process with a variety of key status updates - including appointment times, contact logs and many others. It's one stop shopping for all of your corporate/occupational health needs.

How do I sign-up?

Please complete the brief prompt below and we will schedule a live demo of the Health Depot. You can also create an account, and provide us more detailed information. It will give us a better understanding of how we can serve you! If you have a job description please include this as an attachment.

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