Absenteeism vs Presenteeism: Which Costs More to Employers?

To all employers, listen up! Whether you know it or not, there are factors that contribute to the success of your company that are riding on the very health of your employees. In fact, according to the CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey from 2007, when employees call in sick (absenteeism) it costs large employers $764,000 annually! That is a big number. However, what seems to be causing a bit of a storm in the workplace is the idea of presenteeism, which can be described as being present at work but not being productive due to health reasons as acute as the common cold or as chronic as heart disease. So let’s take a better look how absenteeism and presenteeism really affect the workplace, and what employers can do to make this decrease and make their employees happy and excited to come to work.

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