OSHA Medical Surveillance White Paper

The NMS White Paper on OSHA Medical Surveillance

National Medical Systems has published a white paper on their approach to managing OSHA Medical Surveillance for employers.

The paper discusses, in detail, the key factors to a successful medical surveillance program. The main goal being creating a standardized program that ensures that employees are fit for duty and healthy enough to perform their required job tasks. According to the paper, the NatMed Standardized Compliance Program is accomplished through standardization of medical protocols, centralization of communication/tasks, integration into the client organization, and the elimination of variance.

The paper documents the historical background which led to the creation of OSHA including the explosion in the workforce population, emerging industries, and globalization. All of these factors led to new risks in the industrial workplace thus leading to the need for the Federal Government to protect workers health through regulations.

According to the paper, employers have several options for managing OSHA Medical Surveillance for their employees. The paper discusses four popular models including 1)In-House 2)The Human Resources Vendor 3) The Clinical Network Vendor and 4) NatMed's Standardized Compliance Program.

Full text:

Standardized Compliance of OSHA Medical Surveillance


Standardized Compliance of OSHA Medical Surveillance