Oral Instant Drug Testing vs Urine Instant Drug Testing

Instant Drug Testing In All Its Glory: Urine Drug Testing vs. Oral Drug Testing

By Jackie Ribaudo

Employers today have a lot to consider when they are hiring an employee for their company or corporation. First, they will determine whether the candidate is qualified to fit the position, and how well they will be able to adjust to their new working environment. Once this decision has been made, there is a something else that needs to be determined; will this well qualified person be able to pass a drug test?

So what testing method should your company use? There are several methods on the market today, but this write-up will discuss the key differences of the two most popular forms of instant testing: Urine and Oral.

Instant Urine Drug Testing - The Facts.

  • Results from this drug test are almost instant.
  • They have a long shelf life, and they are very easy to store.
  • Three day window of detection of drugs.
  • Accuracy rate is higher than oral drug screening.
  • No lab analysis is necessary.
  • Can be determined in 5-10 minutes with 98% accuracy.
  • Metabolites (the chemical breakdown of the drug or drugs) are shown in the urine sample.
  • Known to be slightly invasive
  • Chain of Custody Available. 

A chain of custody is a document that keeps track of the collection procedure, and has each person who has come in contact with the specimen to sign his or her name.

 Instant Oral Drug Testing - The Facts.   

  • Shorter detection time of drugs in saliva.
  • Few hours to a day of drug detection.
  • THC found in marijuana, is very hard to be determined in saliva.
  • Smoked drugs can contaminate the saliva.
  • Higher priced than urine sample but less reliable.
  • Can detect drugs for 24 hours prior to testing and marijuana 4-5 hours prior to testing.
  • Less invasive than urine testing.
  • Some medicines such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, can give false positive drug tests.

The Big Debate

The biggest debate between choosing a type of drug screening is based on the invasiveness of the procedure. A lot of company’s struggle on choosing a test that proves to be more accurate but more invasive on their employees (urine test) or a test that proves to be less accurate but less invasive on their employees (oral test). The bottom line is if you are in fact requiring a drug test for employees, accuracy is definitely the main overall goal. Urine testing allows this accuracy at a lower cost and provides a method where although a little more invasive, is highly effective. It is important to consider which test would be best for and most tailored towards your workplace.

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