10 fun and creative ways to make your office healthier

10 Fun & Creative Ways to Turn Your Office into a Healthy Haven

By Jackie Ribaudo

Working at the office can easily turn into an unhealthy lifestyle routine. Once that routine is established, it is oh so hard to break this vicious cycle. What do we mean by unhealthy lifestyle? Well here is an example: lunch time rolls around the corner and nothing sounds better than ordering delivery for a large plain pie from that delicious pizza place around the corner. Two hours later, you’re still hungry, and you are now snacking on a bag of Doritos from the office vending machine. Picture this, a combination of eating the pizza, snacking on the chips, and not moving from your desk for about 5 hours. Sound too familiar? We know.

When your job requires you to be at the office for the majority of the week, these unhealthy habits can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. So what are some things you can do or your office community can do as a whole to consciously make healthier choices in the workplace environment? Here are some tips!

10 Tips for a Healthier Office Lifestyle…

  1. Take Your Breaks: Breaks are given for a reason. Take this time to get away from your computer, your emails, and your phone. Give yourself some well deserved peace of mind. You can go sit outside on a bench and enjoy the fresh air, or talk to a fellow coworker and friends about non work related topics! This break will help you gain some energy and focus when you return back to the job.
  2. Fix Your Posture: If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day than it is very important to realize the strain you could potentially be putting on your back, neck, and spine. We recommend that you sit up, with your shoulders and head against the chair, providing them with the support they need. It may sound silly to consider posture now, but long term effects can be a real pain in the neck! (Sorry for the pun, it was too hard to resist.)
  3. Bring Your Lunch From Home: Bringing your lunch from home gives you the ability to control and satisfy your hunger at the office in a healthier way,  and it also can help you save some money because there would be no more wasting money on take out or delivery. If you bring your lunch from home, you can also bring along some healthy snacks. The combination of lunch and snacks can help gratify your hunger all day and keep the vending machine option furthest from your mind.

    Bring Lunch from Home: You will make healthier choices for lunch

  4. Stretch:Take a stretch break every hour. The amazing thing about a stretch break is you don’t even have to leave your office, cubicle, or wherever your work station is. You can just stand up, and stretch out the tensest parts of your body. This stretching time can relieve stress and help relax your body when it needs it most.
  5. Well Wednesdays: Dedicate one day a week to have a whole office luncheon! Everyone can get together one day a week and eat lunch all collectively. Every item that is brought to the lunch or ordered for the lunch must be healthy and nutritious! This is a great way to spend time with your coworkers and be consciously aware of your hearty eating habits!
  6. Lunch Club: In the office you can put a Lunch Club Sign up Sheet. The lunch club is where employees in the office can sign up on any day, and on that day will walk together to get lunch! Walking to lunch provides a great source of exercise and can help relax you during your lunch break.
  7. Take the Stairs: A simple and easy way to exercise before and after work, take the stairs instead of the elevator! It’s as straightforward as that!
  8. Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair: A fun and interesting way to keep you from slouching at the desk, and get some exercise while you work. This balance ball helps increase natural movement and gets rid of low mobility. An instant success!
  9. Encourage Employee Sponsored Athletic Teams: Get a Co-Ed athletic team going in the office! Put up a sign up sheet for any sport, and get involved with a league somewhere around the office. This promotes team bonding and great exercise for all the employees who are interested.
  10.  Drink LOTS of Water: Make sure to drink a lot of water at work! Keep yourself hydrated and away from sugary, unhealthy beverage choices such as soda. A lot of hunger sensation comes from being thirsty, so if you ever feel like you need a snack, try drinking some water first and see if the snack is still necessary.