About NMS Health

In 1994 our company was founded with the goal of keeping America's employees healthy...

We accomplished this by establishing ourselves as a full service Occupational Health and Corporate Health provider. We sought to give employers the ability to provide a standardized workforce health program to its employees regardless of number of locations, industry, company size or any other variable. Each program was designed and customized to fit any employer need.

Fast forward to present day and we continue to strive to reach this goal. We have serviced America's employers with thousands of Employee Physicals and Employee Wellness Screens. Our responsibility to our clients as Employee Wellness Managers means that we are not only in charge of medically qualifying your employees for work, but we are also responsible for providing them with accurate physical assessments in order to manage their own care.

Workplace compliance with agencies such as OSHA legally binds employers to complete employee wellness screens. However, in reality, we believe compliance is just the tip of the iceberg in the true benefits a wellness program provides for your company and your employees. Our Wellness Screens not only help keep health benefits low, Worker's Comp low, and liability down, they also improve health, increase productivity and boost morale in your employees. They protect your most important asset, your employees.

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Our Credo: Our six core values for guiding our actions

OSHA, Maritime, Occupational Health Experts

Our Corporate Medical Director oversees and provides direction on all Workforce Health programs. We constantly review all current OSHA, Maritime, and DOT regulations at the federal and state level so that we are on the forefront of new initiatives and trends.

Centralized Management

Unlike most of our competitors, the management of our employee wellness programs is centralized. All data and communication enters into our management crux and is delivered directly from us to the employer. This eliminates the need for the organization to deal with a multitude of vendors and contacts. All information flows directly to the organization from us, rather than a third party. This eliminates administration and variance.

Standardized Medical Review

Our medical review of employee health screenings is overseen by our Medical "Clearing House". When medical records are passed down from the clinic to the the Clearing House, they are checked for correctness and then rated as fit or unfit. Our medical review follows a strict, literal interpretation of the medical guidelines. By following strict medical guidelines, we eliminate variance in medical clearances. The issuance of a final result is an unbiased pass/fail endeavor.

Standardized Pricing

All of our clients receive standardized pricing. Medical screenings are priced with a single charge, regardless of location and other variables. With the ability to offer clients 'exam widgets' that have set prices, we give organizations the ability to accurately forecast their Medical Surveillance budget with a 99% accuracy.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Directional Communication

We preach a policy of open communication. All of our communication travels in a dynamic multi-directional model. We communicate with all parties in the employee wellness program, including the organization, in a two-way feedback loop. Information in the form of medical results flows from various clinics to our medical Clearing House for review. Similarly we manage and give direction to the clinical staff on information such as correct medical protocol, and OSHA medical standards. We communicate with the organization in a two-way feedback loop as well. We issue medical clearances to the client; similarly our clients communicate with us via consultation on aspects of the program such as standards or program execution. We communicate through various mediums including our employee tracking system, the Health Depot. By adding a multi-layer communication structure, transparency is added to the program which requires less administration for the client.


As part of standardization, we design our employee wellness programs to integrate into our client's management scheme. Therefore, all communication tactics are created to fit each department’s need. This results in program adoption that requires minimal administration on the organization's end - a true turnkey solution.