About National Medical Systems

What we do.

National Medical Systems has the capability to administer and mange your customized occupational health program regardless of your location. We are a provider of numerous occupational health services catering to organizations of all sizes. NMS is dedicated to managing and implementing health services that will assist clients who seek to standardize the way in which they identify, hire and retain employees. Client satisfaction derives from high quality programs that are not only cost-effective but are achieved with ease with our simple employee tracking & service request systems.

Custom Employee Wellness

The NMS "one-stop shopping" CustomCare program gives the client the full ability to adapt services to their specific needs. Total customization of health programs based on our initial free consultation with the client provides a "soup-to-nuts" implementation approach offered at "non-designer prices." In addition, a fully accessible and professional staff is always available to handle all clientele needs. In most cases, medical results are reported within 48-72 hours of the initial screening.

A screenshot of the Health Depot

The NMS Health Network

With the cost of employee turnover impacting the bottom line, companies strive to minimize costs while remaining competitive in their industry. Workers compensation payouts, and absenteeism can be easily prevented with proper pre-employment screening methods. National Medical's physician network of over 4,000 Board Certified members along with over 3,000 SAMHSA certified laboratories nationally are larger than many HMO's. With over 1,400 medical facilities located throughout the United States, and Canada, NMS always ensures the best negotiated service rates, and is dedicated to alleviate the administrative burden of managing corporate health programs.

Our National Provider Network

Services offered by NMS, but not limited to, include:

  • Pre Employment Physicals
  • Drug testing and reporting
  • Alcohol testing
  • MRO Services
  • Executive/ Periodic Exams
  • OSHA Physicals
  • DOT Physicals
  • Background Investigations
  • On-Site Training and Testing Services
  • Work Place Wellness
  • More Services