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We Do Employee Physicals!

When Employers need health services for their workers, they count on NMS. Using our national network of clinics and doctors, NMS provides fully-managed turnkey physical exam and drug screen programs throughout the United States and Canada. Learn more about NMS's occupational health services.

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Check out our White Paper on OSHA Medical Surveillance

How does NMS Health manage OSHA Medical Surveillance programs? Through it's Standardized Compliance Program (SCP). Learn how NMS Health has been standardizing medical surveillance for employers since 1994

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National Employee Drug Testing Solutions


Fast, Professional and thorough

Electronic lab systems with a network of over 4,500 lab collection sites throughout the United States.


Medical Review Officer is included.

Standard and Customized Panels

Whether your company screens employees with standard panels or needs to screen with customized solutions, you're covered.
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The NMS Health Network




Lab Collection Sites


Vaccine Enabled Pharmacies


States & Territories

We have a clinic in your employee's backyard. The NMS Clinical Network contains over 3,000 full service occupational health clinics (4,000 Board Certified members) along with over 4,500 SAMHSA certified laboratory collections sites spread across the United States and Canada. We can be found in all major metropolitan areas.

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Access Pod: Place your orders, track them in real time, and monitor compliance requirements!

What is Pod? Pod was designed to save your team time and give complete insight to what's going on behind the scenes of your occupational health or credentialing program! The only tool of it's kind - Pod allows you to request the services you need for your employees or candidates with 1-click, check real time statuses of your requests and monitor annual compliance requirements.

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Services at a glance

Employee Physicals

A standardized physical exam program means healthy employees and less worker's comp. NMS conducts employee physicals across 3,000 locations nationwide. Programs are customized to meet your need based on industry, compliance and location.

Medical Surveillance

Your employees are protected from chemical hazards and occupational risks under NMS OSHA Medical Surveillance. NMS will keep your company OSHA compliant through our comparative periodic exams.

Drug Screens

Your entire drug screen program is managed with NMS - Electronic CCFs, national collection site network, lab analysis, and MRO. 10 Panel, 8 Panel, 5 Panel and custom panel solutions available.

Maritime Medical Surveillance

Have employees who work at sea? If yes, then they could be 48 hours away from urgent care treatment. NMS's Maritime Medical Surveillance can help identify potential chronic illnesses or high injury risk conditions that could result in an emergency at sea.

Vendor Credentialing Medical Screenings

Medical screenings for vendor credentialing including titers, TB testing, vaccines.

Access to Pod

NMS's online portal for placing requests, tracking real time statuses and monitoring compliance! Pod is a one of kind tool in the employee health management space. Follow along every step of the exam cycle from request to result delivery so you're never out of the loop.

core features of NMS


We learn your protocols

Exhaustively learn job requirements for each position/candidate

National Network

Over 7,500 locations across all 50 states


Scheduling of appointments for your employees and transported exam kits to a conveniently located facility


Laboratory Analysis for clinical diagnostics and substance abuse testing

Medical Review

Rigorous Medical Review by our Corporate Medical Directors based on your job requirements

Cloud Platform

Secure digital reporting via our integrated occupational health paltform, pod 

NMS can reduce your workers comp payouts