PDF: Flu Season Checklist

It is that time of the year again. Flu season is around the corner and is getting ready to knock on your door. Isn’t it such a shame that this pesky guest does not understand how completely unwelcomed it is? Unfortunately, the Flu makes sure that its presence is known, however, it is time for us to make sure it realizes how unwanted it actually is! Follow this checklist and you are on your way to a Flu-free year.

The Flu Checklist

Be Aware of the Symptoms

            Sometimes, even the most careful of people get a strike of bad luck. If even after taking all the necessary precautions you begin feeling any of these symptoms, make sure you stay at home and away from your place of work to keep others safe from the risks of catching your germs.

Remember if you begin to feel any of these symptoms go see your doctor, and follow tips from CDC Flu Article on how to take proper care of yourself or others when they have contracted the flu virus.